Sling Bow Modification


I even like shooting arrows from our “slingbows

I was never very accurate with them until now. There is no feeling in 4 fingers and both thumbs on my hands so drawing and pinching an arrow mod for a slingshot was a struggle at best, until now.

Below is a few pictures explaining my process.

  1. Remove inner strands from about 10 inches of paracord
  2. Then tightly serve a section where the arrow will snap on, about 7/8″ will be fine- I used braided bow string serving for this
  3. I placed a release aid “loop” affixed to beginning and end of the served portion
  4. Tie 2 overhand knots on the end of the paracord
  5. I peeled back the rubber tubes and slipped in the knotted end and tied them secure above the knot, ensuring that they would not pull out when drawn

With this simple solution I can now accurately shoot arrows from my modified slingbow. It is a permanent fixture to one, as I only use an archers release aid to shoot it.

The slingbow that I have modified has nearly SOLID rubber 60 pound spear gun banding on! It pulls about 45 or so pounds at my draw length.

What is my every day carry? (EDC)

A new year and once again carrying less than last year!

I have a custom leather side pouch that has a drawstring enclosure made of oilcloth made by my good friend and fellow instructor Chris Wick.

Inside this pouch I carry a very good fire kit, some cordage, and a cotton bandanna. The rest of the room is left for other possibilities, such as a camera or cell phone, ammo, or what ever I may be planning. The kit is all packed away in a small red pouch.

Here is the contents~

  • spare 4×3/8 ferro rod ~ 12ft of waxed waxed sinew
  • bic lighter in cloth mag lens bag
  • charred lamp wick
  • 12ft of #36 bankline
  • 12ft of paracord
  • a char tin with charred punk wood and cloth inside
  • mini inferno “sure fire” starters inside of the tin
  • repair needle taped to the top of the tin
  • 7x mag lens and cloth cover
  • rubber ranger band/fire extender to seal the tin
  • cotton bandanna

This leaves room for plenty extra, like a 6″x1/2 ferro rod!  cell phone, camera etc.

I usually carry either a belt knife or a simple pocket knife along with my wallet and keys. I got my inspiration from one of my favorite blog.